Welcome to Montréal!

Native Tours, is a young business built around the idea that we can craft the perfect city tour: a fun and informative tour adapted to the clients likings and needs.

This is Nathalie Thivierge’s the vision, director of Native Tours and tourist guide since 2008.

“ have had the privilege of travelling a lot and visiting incredible places all over the world. I love to introduce myself to a new place with a city tour, although sometimes little details made my visit less enjoyable: the focus was not on topics I cared for, there were too many tourists for one guide, I was having a hard time understanding the guide’s English, etc.

It inspired me to create private or semi-private tours, that would cover the best Montréal and its surroundings have to offer, but furthermore, put the emphasis on the client’s personal interests”

Let us be the architects of your time spent discovering Montréal. A Native tours is the communion of fun, history, laughter and amazement. After all, isn’t it what motivates you to discover new horizons?

See you soon!

Nathalie Thivierge
Native Tours